We’re just over five months away from the one-day event that’s sure to have an impact that goes far beyond November 7. Our fifth TEDxNormal speaker spotlight is on Nicole Loftus, Founder of  Zorch and Founder & CEO of Hit Big, LLC, which is launching Skin in the Game, an online and on-air television experience.

We asked Nicole the following 4.5 questions.

1. Why are TEDx talks valuable? 

I think Tedx talks are as valuable and essential as television, books and newspapers.  The time, process and care that goes into the talks gives the viewer an indicator that the information they’re about to consume is worthy of their full attention and consideration.  No one watches a TED Talk half-heartedly or while multi-tasking.  I believe we are only starting to realize how world changing the voice of a TED speaker can be and has been.  Every TED(x) talk I’ve ever listened to has affected me.  I can spend an entire night watching one TED Talk after another.

2. If the world ends on November 6, 2015, the day before TEDxNormal, what would people die without knowing?

There is $2.5 trillion sitting, waiting to fund entrepreneurs and I know how we can come together to get that capital to launch every innovation on the planet, end unemployment and change the world.

3. The TED tagline is “ideas worth spreading.” What’s an idea you wish would stop being spread?

The idea that the big corporation is evil.  We are all in business together.  The big corporation, the small business, the job seeker and the consumer; they all need the other – one cannot exist without the other.

4. What’s your best piece of advice for each person reading this?

Stay curious.  No matter our age or career experience, when we are curious we are always learning and listening.

4.5 What was one time in your life when…”you knew you were living the wrong life?”

When I was married and planning a family with an abusive alcoholic while daydreaming of being an entrepreneur and making my life worth something more. I chose to leave and now I’m living a different (and very happy) life.

See Nicole Loftus live on November 7, 2015 at the Normal Theater in Normal, IL. Limited seating is available, but depending on your demand and support, live simulcast may be available to allow thousands to celebrate the inaugural TEDxNormal event and see over a dozen impactful leaders share their idea(s) worth spreading. For more information, contact event organizer Doan Winkel: DWinkel@ilstu.edu.

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About Nicole Loftus

Nicole is the Founder of branding company Zorch and Founder & CEO of Hit Big, LLC, which is launching Skin in the Game, an online and on-air television experience where consumers and advertisers come together to fund growing businesses.

Among her many awards and achievements, Crain’s named Nicole one of their “40 under 40” leading business executives.  Inc. Magazine recognized Zorch as the 8th fastest growing company in America and the # 1 woman led company in the country.

Connect with Nicole Loftus on Twitter (@NicoleLoftus)


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