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Dr. Felicia Shaw’s 60-Second Talk Teaser Video for TEDxNormal 2016

Felicia Shaw is Simply In Her Purpose!

Debra Giunta’s 60-Second Talk Teaser Video for TEDxNormal 2016

Debra Giunta Dances Her Way To Awesome!

Dana Vogelmeier’s 60-Second Talk Teaser Video for TEDxNormal 2016

  Dana Vogelmeier is Creating Better Work Days!  

Kate Browne Is Changing The World By Being In It!

Meet TEDxNormal2016 Speaker Kate Browne. Kate Browne is the founder of Ramp and Stair Exercise Club, a community of activists that put access at the center of their mission to advocate for radical body positivity, inclusion, and social justice in fitness. She also writes about women’s disability autobiography, motherhood, and technology at Question 1: What… Continue Reading

Naomi & Elizabeth Timperley Learn Together!

Meet TEDxNormal2016 Mother-Daughter Speaker Duo Naomi & Elizabeth Timperley. Naomi has the ability to motivate, inspire and lead others in any environment. Naomi runs Coo Digital as well as Tech North Advocates with Volker Hirsch. Tech North Advocates is a network of tech & digital entrepreneurs, leaders, investors & experts who support tech startups & growth… Continue Reading

Alex Solis is Determined!

Meet TEDxNormal2016 Speaker Alex Solis. Alex Solis is an illustrator, designer, full-time father and Bboy. Born in Mexico, raised in and currently working in Wisconsin. Bridging cultural gaps with the universal language of art with viral art series like “Famous Chunkies“, “Icons Unmasked“, “Adorable Circle of Life“. Question 1: What makes you so special? Overall I… Continue Reading

Amanda Slavin Leads and Learns!

Meet TEDxNormal2016 Speaker Amanda Slavin. Amanda Slavin is a millennial and Generation Z expert and the CEO/founder of CatalystCreativ, an experience studio helping cities, brands and institutions flourish by developing educational and inspirational strategy, along with on and offline campaigns to engage millennials. Amanda was listed on last year’s Forbes 30 Under 30 for marketing and… Continue Reading

Robbie Osenga is Diving In!

Meet TEDxNormal2016 Speaker Robbie Osenga. Robbie Osenga is a professional speaker and coach. After an early career in design, Robbie founded a school in 2008 and later began accepting opportunities to speak, coach and consult other schools, nonprofit organizations and businesses all centered around his core mission of empowering others to live a life worthy of… Continue Reading


Meet TEDxNormal2016 Speaker Sarah Moshman. Sarah Moshman is an Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker who focuses on stories that inspire women. Credits include: The Empowerment Project (2014) and Losing Sight of Shore (2016) which follows the journey of 4 women who set out to row the Pacific Ocean. Sarah believes in the power of cinema to create change,… Continue Reading

TEDx Speakers: What to Expect to Get Out of Your Experience

Every speaker has different expectations and goals related to their TEDx talk. After the conclusion of the first ever TEDxNormal in November of 2015, each speaker was asked several questions to help future speakers prepare for their talks and to further the impact of each TEDxNormal 2015 speaker’s message. We asked each speaker “what value… Continue Reading