Dr. Felicia Shaw’s 60-Second Talk Teaser Video for TEDxNormal 2016

Felicia Shaw is Simply In Her Purpose!

Debra Giunta’s 60-Second Talk Teaser Video for TEDxNormal 2016

Debra Giunta Dances Her Way To Awesome!

Dana Vogelmeier’s 60-Second Talk Teaser Video for TEDxNormal 2016

  Dana Vogelmeier is Creating Better Work Days!  

Elizabeth Plank Will Make You Wonderfully Uncomfortable!

Meet TEDxNormal2016 Speaker Elizabeth Plank. Using her powerful voice to provide the millennial perspective on politics, women’s issues and reproductive rights, Liz has landed on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Media, and in sometimes-hilarious, sometimes-shocking segments on The Today Show, The Daily Show, MSNBC, Fox News, ABC News, and a series on the current presidential election…. Continue Reading

Mike Shannon Rhymes Fine Most Times

Meet TEDxNormal2016 Speaker Mike Shannon. From Chicago Bulls ball boy to Shark Tank superstar, Mike Shannon has a very eclectic life story given his young age. He co-founded Packback, an education technology startup in Chicago, and also writes and performs hip-hop music.  Question 1: What makes you so special? I was passing fine, in this… Continue Reading

Debra Giunta Dances Her Way To Awesome!

Meet TEDxNormal2016 Speaker Debra Giunta. Debra is a native Chicagoan and arts educator who founded Design Dance, a company increasing access to arts programming for over 1400 students per week. Debra uses her background in the arts to affect change through non-traditional educational experiences that foster courage, connection, and self-awareness. Question 1: What makes you so… Continue Reading

Felicia Shaw is Simply In Her Purpose!

Meet TEDxNormal2016 Speaker Felicia Shaw. Felicia believes if we help one another, we can all grow and move toward our greatness. As a balance expert, best-selling author and radio host, and CEO of Simply In Your Purpose, Felicia helps high-achievers simplify their lives and reach their goals by gaining a sense of their priorities.  Question 1:… Continue Reading

Kate Browne Is Changing The World By Being In It!

Meet TEDxNormal2016 Speaker Kate Browne. Kate Browne is the founder of Ramp and Stair Exercise Club, a community of activists that put access at the center of their mission to advocate for radical body positivity, inclusion, and social justice in fitness. She also writes about women’s disability autobiography, motherhood, and technology at KateBrowneBlogs.com. Question 1: What… Continue Reading

Ann Marie Gives, and Gives, and Gives

Meet TEDxNormal2016 Speaker Ann Marie. In her roles as CEO/General Managing Director of Vue Capital, General Managing Director of Vue Ventures, co-host of WGN’s Turning Point, and partner in Howard Tullman’s fund G2T3V, Ann Marie has advised, mentored, and managed over 40 companies since 2012. She is also a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and spiritual counselor, and… Continue Reading