2016 Event

TEDxNormal 2016 will take place October 22, 2016 at the Normal Theater in Normal, Illinois.

Watch the livestream here!

We have an incredible lineup of innovators and disruptors who will have 8-10 minutes on the red dot to share their big idea! Here is a quick rundown – more information will be forthcoming.

Robbie Osenga

Founder LeRoy (IL) Preparatory Academy; VP & Chief Potential Officer of Cybernautic Design. His core mission is Empowering Others to Live a Life Worthy of their Calling. Robbie is an “elder statesmen” of the Millennial Generation, and works passionately as an advocate to bridge the gap, as the Millennial Generation transitions into today’s workforce & culture.






Sarah Moshman

Sarah is an Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker that focuses on stories that inspire women. Credits include: The Empowerment Project (2014) and Losing Sight of Shore (2016) which follows the journey of 4 women who set out to row the Pacific Ocean. Sarah believes in the power of cinema to create change.







Elizabeth Plank

Senior Correspondent at Vox.com & Mic; Forbes 30 under 30 in media; co-creater of “Flip the Script”; weekly guest on MSNBC show “Shift”; prolific writer (NYTimes, Huffington Post, NPR). She has appeared on national and international television programs providing millennial perspective on politics, women’s issues, and reproductive rights, including The Today Show, The Daily Show, MSNBC, Fox News, ABC News, Fusion, Al-Jazeera America and BBC World.

Snapchat username is lizplank; Facebook, Twitter Instagram and Linkedin.

Flip The Script: www.elizabethplank.com/flipthescript/

2016ish: www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWI5-vWqcGc

Writing on Vox: www.vox.com/authors/liz-plank


Mike Shannon

Co-Founder, Packback; Hip-hop artist; former Chicago Bulls ball boy. Mike is a co-founder of Packback, an education technology start-up in Chicago, and also frequently performs and writes hip hop music. Interesting past experiences of Mike’s include stepping into ABC’s “Shark Tank” and working seven seasons as a Chicago Bulls ball boy. He folds a darn good towel.



Meghan Conley

ISU graduate (2013), Consumer Research Specialist and former Project Manager to the CEO at Undertone. I’m an expert at being 25 years old. Some would say that I’m the perfect storm of 21st century skills. I’m addicted to cheezits and absorbing information. I’m an experimenter and an adventurer. I’m a bitch, a lover, a sinner, and a saint. I live by the motto “ask for forgiveness, not for permission”, and I believe that you should never, under any circumstances, tame the chaos in you.





Jen Friel

Chief Revenue Officer at DropIn, Inc; Founder, Talk Dirty To Me Lover; Danced on stage with Prince; West Texas Investors Club veteran. Jen, Chief Revenue Officer of DropIn Inc, is known for her website Talk Nerdy To Me, Lover, which was optioned by Warner Bros. and Jerry Bruckheimer, and is now a pilot at CBS. Friel was part of Comcast’s first “social television” network Vidblogger Nation, and was featured on the CNBC show, West Texas Investors Club.






Tom Walter

Tom is a principal in a dozen companies – 7 of which were co-founded by Millennials.  Tom has started 32 businesses.  He is the Chief Culture Officer of Tasty Catering, the APA’s Psychologically Healthiest Workplace and a Forbes Magazine’s Best Small Workplaces.  Tom co-authored the award-winning book, It’s My Company Too!







Debra Giunta

Debra Giunta is an entrepreneur, arts educator and native Chicagoan.  She is the founder of Design Dance, a company increasing access to arts programming for over 1400 students per week. Debra uses her background in the arts to affect change through non-traditional educational experiences that foster courage, connection, and self-awareness.





Alex Solis

Alex is an illustrator, designer, full-time father and Bboy. Born in Mexico, raised in Wisconsin, currently Living and working in Illinois. Bridging cultural gaps with the universal language of art with viral art series like “Famous Chunkies”, “Icons Unmasked”, “Adorable Circle of Life”.




Amanda Slavin

Amanda is a millennial and Generation Z expert and the CEO/founder of CatalystCreativ, an experience studio helping cities, brands and institutions flourish by developing educational and inspirational strategy, along with on and offline campaigns to engage millennials. Amanda was listed on last year’s Forbes 30 Under 30 for marketing and advertising.








Ann Marie

Ann Marie is currently CEO/ General Managing Director of Vue Capital, a leading early stage investment firm in the Midwest. Noted in Forbes as a female leader within in the Startup Community, Ann Marie has advised, mentored, and managed over 40 companies since 2012 while serving as the both the General Managing Director of Vue Ventures as well as the COO and Managing Director of a Chicago based seed fund she Co-Founded while currently co-hosting WGN’s Turning Point show with CEO of Technori, Scott Kitun. As a former trading fund owner and Commodities trader risk management and relationship development have been the foundation of her success. She has over 15 years of proven sales, integrative marketing, mentoring, investing, and management experience. Her door-always-open approach, has enriched the community allowing start ups to learn from her bold approach towards investing and negotiating on both the investor and entrepreneur side.

As a partner in Howard Tullman’s fund G2T3V, Ann Marie’s network of mentors and access to other valuable deal flow and people within in the Midwest is well regarded. Not one to fit the typical investor mold, she is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and spiritual counselor, and has been featured in the media as the founder of Ohm.Chi.Ohm.


Naomi & Elizabeth Timperley

Naomi is a mentor, speaker, trainer, connector. Co-founder, Enterprise Lab; Director, Tech North Advocates; Shareholder, National (UK) Careers Week; Director, Coo Digital; Guest Lecturer, University of Salford. Naomi was named in ‘The Maserati 100’ 2015 – a definitive list of Britain’s most successful business leaders actively supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs.






Heather Bischoff

Founder of Dragonfly Direction; Director of Service Coordination, NHE Inc.; Charter Member, Toastmasters: Ladies Who Toast. Heather is a fresh voice for women; inspiring shifts toward authenticity. In 2013 she founded her company, Dragonfly Direction. Heather has a unique approach to personal and professional development. Teaching people how to gain power over limiting labels, while creating environments that improve effectiveness through understanding the nuances of personality.








Michael Callahan

Michael is the co-founder and CEO of ONE, Inc., creators of the After School App, an anonymous social network for high school students. Prior to co-founding ONE, Inc. with co-founder Cory Levy, Michael and Thomas Coleman created the Ambient Audeo, a voice synthesizer that gives back the ability to speak to those with vocal cord or neurological damage, and allows thought-controlled wheelchairs. In 2007, Michael became the first student from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign to be awarded the MIT-Lemelson Foundation award for Outstanding Innovation.


Dana Vogelmeier

Dana Vogelmeier has a passion for learning what makes a work environment great while others are not. She has worked in many different roles from entry level and now into leadership. This gives her unique insight on how to create a great work environment. She believes it is possible for people to enjoy coming to the work place and wants to help people achieve that dream. She is a certified facilitator with The Culture Works which helps companies influence their environment and helps individuals find out what motivates them and how to create that dream job!


Felicia Shaw

Felicia is a certified High Achiever Life Coach, best-selling author, and radio host of Minding My Business. She challenges people to move beyond self-limiting thoughts and behaviors and believes in the “bigness” of her clients. Felicia asks the hard questions, trusts in their ability to go there, and takes a stand for what they want in life.


Kate Browne

Kate Browne is the founder of Ramp and Stair Exercise Club, a community of activists that put access at the center of their mission to advocate for radical body positivity, inclusion, and social justice in fitness. She also writes about women’s disability autobiography, motherhood, and technology at KateBrowneBlogs.com.