Felicia Shaw is Simply In Her Purpose!

Meet TEDxNormal2016 Speaker Felicia Shaw.

Felicia believes if we help one another, we can all grow and move toward our greatness. As a balance expert, best-selling author and radio host, and CEO of Simply In Your Purpose, Felicia helps high-achievers simplify their lives and reach their goals by gaining a sense of their priorities. 

Question 1: What makes you so special?

My goal is to make every person I meet smile from the inside out. I want to make sure people feel special when they are around me and that makes me feel special too. I’m told often that I’m special, but maybe I should be offended. Nah!

Question 2: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received but never used?

“Get 8 hours of sleep every night?” Umm, that hasn’t happened. It’s not because I didn’t try, but my body was ready to go and I accommodated! However, I take time to relax on a daily basis to allow myself to be refreshed.

Question 3: How can you change the world positively?

By sharing laughter, it’s contagious.

Question 4: Why should the audience listen to my idea?

Because everyone has a gift and sometimes it’s wrapped in sandpaper. However, it’s meant to be shared to help others, which in turn helps you. There’s so much more to life and it’s time to #TakeASipOfLife and live your life with purpose on purpose!

Question 5: A fairy flew down from the sky and handed you $500. The fairy instructed that you can’t keep it for yourself, your business, or give it to anyone you know. What specifically would you do with the money?

I’d give it to help with cancer research. I want this silent killer to kick rocks!

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