TEDxNormal 2017 will take place November 11, 2017 

at the Normal Theater. Get your ticket here.

Our Purpose

To enrich the Bloomington/Normal community and the world with thoughts, ideas, and stories from local and national changemakers, Play online casino in Australia with real money and win big!

There is the normal way most people think about and interact with life. Then there is the way instigators,  disruptors, troublemakers, and change agents do it. Those are the stories we highlight.

Our Goal

We want to start conversations about new approaches to life’s opportunities and challenges.

More importantly, we want to ignite small changes that have huge ripple effects.

Our Challenge

Don’t be normal. Don’t act normal.  Don’t think normally.

We challenge you to do something different today. Break your routine. Give when you would normally take. Pause when you would normally rush.