We have an incredible lineup of innovators and disruptors who will present and perform for us! Here is a quick rundown – more information will be forthcoming.

Lisa Bodell will share her thoughts on change as a choice we can all make

Dr. Alex Bruton will give a talk on innovation literacy

Elisabeth Cardiello will talk about living one’s legacy out loud

Liz Flores will talk about creative recovery

Jeff Havens will entertain us with his talk titled “Become a Better Leader”

Jeff Stamp will talk about what an idea needs to survive

Shira Abel will talk about bioengineering

Michael Luchies will give a talk titled “Why Ideas Are Worthless”

Mike Veny will talk about stigma and mental health

Sarah Moshman will tell a great story about “Making the Ordinary Extraordinary”

Ken Myszka will explain his journey in a talk titled “A CheFarmer Epiphanizing New Possibilities”

Jacqueline Boone will share her perspective on living with purpose

Deborah Halperin will guide us how to empower young people to get stuff done

Kali Lewis will discuss her experiences at the intersection of education and design

Nicole Loftus will tell us about $2.5 trillion that’s hiding in plain view

Jessica Tenuta will engage us with her thoughts on the place of empathy in innovation

Dr. Irum Tahir will talk about breaking out of normal routines, habits, and behaviors