TEDx Speakers: What to Expect to Get Out of Your Experience

Every speaker has different expectations and goals related to their TEDx talk. After the conclusion of the first ever TEDxNormal in November of 2015, each speaker was asked several questions to help future speakers prepare for their talks and to further the impact of each TEDxNormal 2015 speaker’s message.

We asked each speaker “what value do you hope to realize from being a TEDx speaker?” Here is what they had to say:

Mike Veny, “Mental Illness is an Asset

“It taught me a lot about presenting. As a professional speaker, I get to do lots of talks that are 45 minutes or longer. In a TEDx Talk, you’ve got 10 minutes to get your point across.”

Liz Flores, “You Are Made for More”  

“To always speak my truth and inspire others to speak theirs.“

Dr. Jeffrey Stamp, “What An Idea Needs to Survive

“No doubt about it. The value of being a TEDx speaker is twofold – hearing the power of your voice to change lives AND the being a part of a collective of speakers that magnify that effect.  It’s the awareness knowing that your voice becomes part of an ongoing permanent expression of humanity working to change the world we experience.”

Nicole Loftus, “How Something You Do Every Day Gets $2.5 Trillion to Entrepreneurs

“I hope that my call to action creates a movement, we fund businesses, fuel innovations and create jobs.”

Kali Lewis, “My Semester in the Future

I hope that I realize people talking about experiential learning with me more frequently. I have already experienced this a bit, but I am excited for it to continue. The conversation, I hope, will also continue among others as well.”

Elisabeth Cardiello, “The Most Powerful Question You Never Considered”  

“The greatest value of talks like these is the value perceived by the viewer, so I’ve been excited at the amazing feedback thus far! I hope that I can spread this talk, curriculum and way of thinking far and wide. I’d love to continue to give this talk (in other iterations) to rooms full of people ranging from corporate executives to students and everyone in between as well as to be able to help talk individuals though this process. I hope to help people think differently and give the confidence (that my Dad gave to me) to many others through the message of asking the big questions that allow people to live their Legacy Out Loud.”

Michael Luchies, “The Importance of Being an Unselfish Storyteller

“I honestly just hope that my video makes a significant impact on one person’s life. It’s corny and cliché, but that’s what I care about. Positive comments, likes, shares, and view counts will help me feel confident about the talk I gave, but I just want it to help someone.”

Lisa Bodell, “How Simplification is the Key to Change

“To help people embrace the true benefit of simplification – that by eliminating busy work we can focus on the things that truly add value to our work and to our lives.”

Jeff Havens, “Why Aren’t More Of Us Engaged at Work?

“This is an opportunity to speak in front of a global audience.  There’s not much more that a person who makes his living as a speaker could ask for.  There’s also a cultural cache that comes from being a TEDx speaker that you can’t buy with a fancy website or good SEO.”

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